Welcome. Our company, Buy Used Guns, has been established as a guns classifieds site. As such, we provide a safe, easy, and secure method of buying or selling firearms, accessories and other related items online. Our business activities also include offering great tips on how to conduct a sale online, without having to run into scams and other common problems.

The company is 100% Australian owned, and it is operated by individuals who have great knowledge of guns. So, when you put your ads with us, you can be sure that you will not only get help selling or buying your firearm, but also get top tips from Australia’s firearms enthusiasts.


Our Mission – Buy Used Guns

To become a leading classifieds site in Australia for guns and gun-related items by providing enhanced services, profitability and relationships with buyers and sellers who advertise in our website. The service that we provide will exceed the quality standards expected from us by our customers.

Our Business Activities

We post ads for free, except for featured ads, thereby helping interested people to find the guns they want, or to sell their own guns for any reason. By offering free ads, we are proving that we are a business that can be trusted. List your items with us and let us show you how competent we are. You will lose nothing doing this; only about 2 minutes of your valuable time.

Because is not a gun dealer, we can not in any way be involved in the buy and sell transaction that happens through our site. What we do is simply list your ads, and any transaction that results from there will solely be between the buyer and seller.

To advertise your individual business, just go to our Contact Us page, and post your inquiry or message so we can discuss about advertising. You can list anything related to firearms, provided they are registered and legal.

Our admin can be contacted at If you are a dealer, and you want to have featured ads in, you need to register so you can have an account that will enable your dealership to place ads. Featured ads offer better chances at business, as they will be better exposed. They will be shown on the home page. They will also be seen at the top of the category where they are listed.

We often give useful tips to advertisers on our classifieds site, and we encourage our clients to create a good ad. Every buyer would be asking questions about the details of the item you are selling, like example, the gun’s year of manufacture, and how many shots have been fired. Buyers would also want to know if the item being sold has some extras with it. Also, as a legislative requirement, you should display the serial number of the firearm, as well as the seller’s or dealer’s license numbers.

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What We Strive For

We strive to build a good relationship with our advertisers by treating them with respect and providing them with high level customer service.…

What Can SEO Do For My Business?

This is the question that is most often asked, especially by
people who have just set up their online business.

What exactly is SEO? Well, search engine optimization is a process of
using techniques with the purpose of making your website visible to the
search engines, and for online searchers to easily find it. There are a
lot of elements that can improve your site’s ranking in the search
engines, like for example unique and good quality contents, and your URL
structure. However, these elements should be optimized to allow your
website to get a better ranking in the SERPs (search engine results


SEO is big business these days with companies and brands competing
against each other for online visibility. Online shops keep constantly
growing, thereby making the competition more heightened. Your business
needs SEO. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the major search engines that
direct traffic to your site; but it doesn’t mean that there will be no
traffic from other sources. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook
can also promote your business by delivering to your site the needed

However, it is the search engines that online searches use to make
inquiries, so visitors primarily come from them. Based on what consumers
look for, your targeted traffic will be delivered to your site by these
search engines, and these can give additional exposure to your site,
and revenue as well. Below is a list of the things SEO can do for your
business. Get more info on Search Engine Optimisation at – they help you find a provider and also give you some lessons.

SEO Means High rankings on the search results

An SEO campaign will improve the ranking of your website in the
search results. This means that your business will likely be found once
potential customers make their search. Relatively, the more your online
presence gets improved, the more chances there are that consumers will
find what they are looking for.

Brand awareness is increased

If your company is unheard of, it is hard to tell that your product
is the best in the market. Making consumers familiar with your brand is
hard work. SEO may not give you great sales at first, but in the long
run can increase your revenue. Staying on the top of the results pages
will make customers aware of the business that you are promoting, and
you can always capture these potential customers, as long as your site
stays in its position in the search results.

High ROI at low cost from SEO

SEO 4 Sydney

Compared to traditional advertising methods, internet marketing is cheaper in
cost. Your SEO campaign’s cost will depend on the budget that you set
aside, but definitely, it will be cheaper than PPC (Pay Per Click), and
will tend to be cheaper over time.

More Revenues

Online searchers will surely click onto your site, if it is ranked
high for their search word or phrase. The more visitors your site have,
the more chances of conversion, and the more chances of making great
sales. When this happens, you’ll gain more revenues, and this can only
mean that your SEO campaign is a success.

What Is A Financial Planner?

Everyone loves to multiply the money they hold. A financial planner guides you on the best way to save your money, reduce tax and provide an investment strategy to make your money grow. You will be provided with all the necessary advice in attaining your financial goal, including preparing yourself if you want to buy a house or any property. Some of these planners specialize in specific fields such as estate planning, insurance, or retirement, while others offer consultations about various financial matters.

These financial planners will consider your current financial situation by asking you the appropriate questions. Financial planners are not required to show proof of completing any level of education. Most financial organization, however, would recruit candidates who possess at least a bachelor’s degree. It is therefore helpful if you have studied finance, law, economics, accounting, investments, tax management, and other similar fields, but these are not on the essential list of most employers. However you need to have good communication skills and be well organized. If you are looking for good financial planner melbourne, try Arishine Financial.

Certified Financial Planners

The most important credential required for a financial planner is the CFP, or Certified Financial Planner. This means that the person has passed the rigid test about personal finance. This test is administered by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards – all planners at are certified. Those who are given this designation must also commit to further their studies on financial matters and attend ethics classes. This will help them maintain the CFP designation.

Those advisors who are selling insurance, stocks and bonds and other financial products must secure a license from the appropriate national agency. Different states may have different requirements, and this may be based on the product that is being marketed by the financial planners. If they provide financial advice and charge a fee for doing so, these individuals must have themselves registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or the appropriate regulatory agency of the state.

This is a job in great demand. There is an expected growth, in the financial services sector, including the financial planning occupation, so people with the right credentials, training and education are very likely to get the best opportunity.

Financial Planners

Are you Looking for a Financial Planner?

If you are looking for the right financial planner, it will be best if you go with the recommendation of a CFP. This is a sign of credibility, although there is no guarantee of the returns offered. You can ask around for the best financial planner by asking people who are like you and who were in the same position that you are in now, and have used a good financial planner. You can also conduct a background check on the potential planners, and determine whether the credentials that they say they have are true and current. More info at or try doing a google search for “find financial planners” and also ad your city.

Speak with the financial advisor before you sign a contract assigning them as your financial planner. Whether they want to earn on commission or fee basis, they should make a pledge that they will work for your best interests. You should be given the best advice about your finances, especially when it comes to investing a large amount or selling your house.…

Curtains and Blinds in Brunswick by Lygon Furnishings

Whether you are renovating or building a new home or just want to update your interior decors, we are glad that you’ve found our site – The company designs, manufactures and installs quality curtains, blinds, awnings and shutters at reasonable prices.

A family owned business, Lygon Furnishings, has its showroom and offices at 516 Lygon St., Brunswick East, Victoria 3056. Since its establishment in 1980, the company has been supplying Australian homes, particularly in the Melbourne area, good quality home furnishings. Blinds Brunswick by Lygon furnishings.

blinds brunswick

We are open Mondays through Fridays, from 9am – 5:30pm; and on Saturdays, from 9am – 1pm. You may contact us through our phone/fax numbers 03 9384 1772 or at our email address on our contact page here: We have a friendly and highly trained staff to assist you, when you call us or visit our showroom.

We are proud to be among Melbourne’s most reputable providers of home furnishings that include custom-made curtains and windows coverings. Our designs will be tailored according to your requirements and we will carry out the fittings too to your utmost satisfaction. We also believe that the quality of any product should be affordable for every consumer.

Choosing the look and feel that you want to create in your room is not an easy task. There are things to consider if you want to transform your windows and the entire interiors of your home. For example, would you rather go for functionality or for appearance? Or, would it be better if you install blinds instead of curtains? How do you decide on color: light, to expand or to contract the room appearance? Up to how much are you willing to spend?

These things may sound daunting to you; and that is why we are offering our services with years of experience. We are confident we can help you decide what choices you should take. You might want to make your window low or the entire room look higher. We invite you to make consultations with us, so that every detail of the job will be carried out properly and in accordance with your wishes.

The materials and supplies that we use are of good quality, including the fabrics and the fitting accessories. Our fabrics include chintzes, linens, sheers and blends, which are suited for the modern or traditional designs that you may think of.

Lygon Furnishings

We have a gallery page where some of our products and designs are showcased. Feel free to browse the page. You can also get some ideas from the photos, which are displayed on the slides.

Get in touch with us now at and let us provide the best finishing touches to your home’s interior decors. We have a wide range of curtains, blinds, shutters and awnings for you to appreciate. We can custom make your window coverings and make sure that it will fit perfectly. Whatever is the size and shape of your home’s windows or the size of the rooms, we can help you transform your interiors for the best look.

Call us now and feel the excitement associated with improving the appearance of your windows and your entire home. We will be happy to help you in this endeavor.…

Lingham’s Jewellers. The Best Jewellers

Buying a piece of jewellery, especially gold and diamond is both a financial and emotional investment. It is given to commemorate a life’s event or to symbolize your eternal love. In this case, your token of love in the form of jewellery will connect you to that special someone forever. There really is so much at stake, so it is very important that you find a gold and diamond jeweller who you can count on to provide you the product, service and price that is right.

Gold and Diamond Jeweller

Looking for a good gold and diamond jeweller in Australia? Then come to Linghams Jewellers, the country’s custom jewellers of the highest quality. The company carries an impressive selection of exquisite fine diamonds, gold jewellery, precious gems, engagement rings and many more.

Linghams Jewellers

When you visit their showroom in Melbourne, you will be greeted by their staff of jewellery experts and you will get the help you need in choosing the jewellery that you want. Whether it is a diamond engagement ring you’ve dreamt of, a wedding ring or any other piece of jewellery, you will be assisted by us to pick that perfect piece for your special someone.

Loose Diamonds

Lingham’s Jewellers has a selection of truly breathtaking loose diamonds. You can examine their collection of shimmering cuts, including princess, round, radiant, pear, emerald, heart, marquise and trillion cuts. These are all available in various colors and sizes. To ensure maximum brilliance, each piece is carefully selected. You are sure to find your perfect ring, earrings or pendant in our collection.

The wedding ring will be worn for decades, so you would want it to last a lifetime. Choosing it is a decision that is extremely personal. Some customers of gold and diamond jewellers prefer matching bands, but others want their rings to express their individual and personal styles and one which will not overshoot their budget. A major chunk of the cost depends on the metal used for making the ring. Gold and platinum are metals, which have been traditionally used by Linghams Jewellers in wedding bands.

While other metals other than gold can be used, those metals have their limitations. Tungsten carbide, for example, is an inexpensive metal and a very cool looking one. The downside to this is that once it has been made, it cannot be fixed for cracks. Gold and platinum rings, on the other hand can be fixed.

When you shop for gold and diamond jewellery, your experience should be extraordinary. Linghams Jewellers in Australia can give this to you. Every piece that is added to their collection is carefully picked and you can notice it in their quality.

Jewellers Melbourne

The Best Jewellers

Linghams Jewellers is Australia’s best jewellers melbourne – gold and diamond jewellers – and has been supplying its customers with the widest selection of engagement and wedding rings. When you decide to order your jewellery piece from Linghams, you are guaranteed to receive the finest items. You can visit the company showroom or conveniently browse their selection online from your home. Whichever way you choose, you will receive the customer service that you deserve.…