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  • Featured Profile: Eyelash Extensions Melbourne

    With the advancement in the field of technology there is hardly anything that cannot be done. People nowadays are very conscious about how they look and present themselves. We often experiment various things on our hair and the latest trend that is scoring up in the fashion market is the extension of eyelashes! Yes, you read it right. One of the best boutique salons that is getting much attention from the customers is the Eyelash Extensions Melbourne. Our salon provides you with different kinds of lash extension facilities with best offers and deals which are bound to give you an awesome experience with us.

    You can read the benefits and the services we provide our customers in this business profile of: http://eyelash-extensions.melbourne/

    Melbourne Eyelash Extensions

    When it comes to the latest fashion trends, the Eyelash Extensions Melbourne scores more than the extension services that are provided by other salons. We have been giving our customers the best for our services for the past 22 years. We have highly experienced and trained staffs that would provide you with the most effective and comprehensive services of varying ranges indulging you in hair, beauty and eyelash extension facilities.

    Our beauty salon located in the historic Eaglemont in the North Melbourne. Our boutique has got a French styled design that is bound to relax your mind and body. The staffs get extensive training and undergo personal development programs to make the best use of the latest facilities and technologies. Our main aim is to provide our customers with the best services at reasonable rates and give you an awesome experience with us.

    Our Services Offered

    We provide our customer with best services to meet their satisfaction and expectations. The best services are:

    Classic Eyelashes

    Classic eyelashes are those that would give your eyes a natural look. Here are the range of products we provide:

    • Mini set – It is for those who want to try out the extension service. You will be given 30 extensions for each eye. It is best for those who want it for a short period of time.
    • Natural set – It would offer you 40/50 extensions for each eye. This would give you a more defined and fuller look yet giving you the natural appearance. It is best for everyday use.
    • Full set – It is the most popular one with 70 extensions per eye. It gives you volume along with the natural look.
    • Glamour –It offers you more than 75 extensions for each eye. They are thick and long and needs proper maintenance.

    Eyelash Refills

    The amount required for refills of the eyelashes depends on the amount of work that is to be done. All the necessary information are detailed down by the technicians to our customers clearly to get a hassle free experience.

    Removal of Eyelashes

    It hardly takes half an hour to remove the eye lashes safely. We assure our customers that the removal of the eyelashes is done by the experienced technicians with utmost care. …

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  • Featured Profile: Suburban Gas And Plumbing

    Even for an industry that has seen hundreds of similar services being unveiled and made available to consumers, it is amazing how Suburban Gas & Plumbing Gas Appliance Service & Repairs http://www.suburbangasandplumbing.com.au have managed to climb through all the ranks and certainly become one of the most sought after service providers in and around Balwyn North. Seen as an effort by these experts to make sure their customers get everything under one roof; here are some o the most essential services they currently take pride of;

    • Gas appliance repairs
    • Leaking roofs and gutters
    • Leaky taps and toilets
    • Gas hot water systems- installation and repairs
    • General plumbing repairs

    Backed by a team of some of the best minds in the industry, they have always placed huge focus on customer satisfaction while delivering the best of what they do. They are reliable, efficient and concerned about the success of their clients. They currently enjoy an unbeatable position across the industry and they have managed to earn immense trust and confidence of their precious clients. They are not even about to stop there; their goal is to continue with their flawless services and earn more success now and for years to come. Their teams of experts in the industry have not only been trained to offer the best services, but they have even gone ahead and made sure they are constantly trained on the latest technologies and processes just to make sure they are up to date and the entire process goes on well. As if that is not even enough; they have always made sure, only the best join their team.

    Suburban Gas & Plumbing Gas Appliance Service & Repair in pushing the bar, and as an experience services provider, you can trust them with your next project. They take every project into great consideration, and their promise to their clients is to deliver personalized work every penny you spend. As a matter of fact, the fact that they will be working on your installation or repair work excites them. To sum it up, Suburban Gas & Plumbing Gas Appliance Service & Repair are simply the best in what they do, and if you are currently looking for 100 percent dependability, there is no denying the positive facts of their business. Call them today and enjoy the best of what they have in store for you. They are the best and if all that is being said by other customers is anything to go by, you won’t regret the step you took.

    For More info contact Suburban Gas And Plumbing Here: http://www.suburbangasandplumbing.com.au/contact.html

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  • Featured Profile: Alpha Doggy PlayCare

    Based in Knoxfield, Melbourne, Alpha Doggy PlayCare has specialized in catering for dogs and puppies of different sizes, temperaments and shapes. The company was cofounded by George Visentin and Greg Fontana after they decide to leave their dog training business. The duo have not only adapted but also evolved in their way of doing things. Right from the start, they began offering detailed and extensive dog training courses and educating passionate individuals on how to train different breeds of dogs.

    Who needs Alpha Doggy Play Care services?

    Alpha Doggy PlayCare was created to take care of different dog owner’s needs. If you have pet with any of the following issues, do not look beyond Alpha Doggy PlayCare.

    • Easily gets bored or requires someone that she can play with
    • Your dog loves company as well as attention
    • Your pet keeps escaping from your house / yard
    • Digs and chews things every now and then
    • barks unnecessarily
    • Requires a cool environment during hot days
    • Your pet needs to be quiet after visiting a vet
    • Requires medication or feeding at specific times of the day
    • Needs extra training


    The dog care offers a wide range of services at affordable rates that you are not likely to find elsewhere in Australia. Some of their services include but not limited to the following

    • Dog grooming- The dog care has specialized in offering a basic puppy and dog training services that range from simple nail trim to complex tasks such as clipping of the coat. Once you bring over your dog for training, you will be impressed at that time you will come to pick her.
    • Dog wash- cleaning your pet can be one of the most daunting tasks especially when you are a beginner. Instead of wasting time, it is high time you considered the dog wash services from Alpha Doggy PlayCare. If you prefer cleaning your pet, then you can buy hydrobath.
    • Puppy play, socialisation & training- socialization is very important for dogs aged between 8 and16. Play and socialization develops the personality and traits of your pet.
    • Dog training: obedience and manners- in the process of supervising your pet as she plays, the trainers from this company will intervene any time she needs to be reminded. In addition, if you need someone to work on the behavior of your pet, this service was created for people like you.
    • Alpha doggy shop- The dog shop has different things you can buy to facilitate your dog training. Some of the things you will get in the shop include training equipment, bowls, bed, flea control, worming and treat products,

    For More info contact Alpha Doggy Playcare Here: http://alphadoggyplaycare.com.au/contact-us

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  • Featured Profile: JKB Property Inspections

    Buying or selling a home is a big decision to make, and before you can do either, there are cautions that you must take into consideration. Any potential homeowner thinking of purchasing a new home must first confirm or find out if the property in question is in the right condition. At JKB Property Inspection we understand all these, and we deal in Building Inspections. It is our responsibility to inspect buildings for you before you can buy or sell them, hence we give you the confidence needed to make the right decision as far as home buying or selling is concerned. In this Business Profile of JKB Property Inspections, you get to learn more about us.

    At JKB, you are provided with an easy-to-read comprehensive report on the prospective property. The report includes the only 5 Star Condition Rating’ in Australia, which gives to you a greater understanding of the real state and condition of the property. Our aim is to give you a peace of mind when you are in a situation where you want to purchase a building or a home. There are many features and benefits of JKB that separates it from other property inspectors and some of them are mentioned below.

    JKB Property Inspection boasts fast response and turnaround time. This means that we will come to your help as soon as you contact us. We are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained experts. This has greatly enhanced our effectiveness and efficiency. We are very aware of our duty and responsibility to maintain constant communication with you throughout the entire property inspection process. Our reports are evidently clear and therefore easy to understand. These reports are completed on the same day. We often provide full verbal debrief right after the inspection.

    JBK Property Inspection also provide free Building consultancy for you until settlement. We have full Professional Indemnity Insurance, therefore your property is safe with us all the time. We also offer pre purchase inspections, pre-auction inspections, pre-sale inspection, asbestos audits, tax depreciation schedules, handover/pre-handover inspections, and new home/renovation stage inspections. Whether you are buying or selling property for the first time, or you have been through the process before, our inspection will free you of any worries.

    We offer three inspection packages from which you can select your preference, starting from 350 dollars. The packages include;

    • Basic inspection
    • Standard inspection
    • Premium inspection

    Basic inspection includes complete structural inspection and includes inspection of visible foundations, floor wall, roof framing and ceiling. Standard inspection includes full written report, and all structural components, and claddings are checked.

    For more info contact JKB Property Inspections here: http://jkbpropertyinspections.com.au/contact-us/

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