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Great White Shark Expedition
South Africa, 2002

  • Expedition 1:  15-25 July 2002
  • Expedition 2:  1-10 August 2002

"Thank-you for allowing me to participate in this trip.  You have afforded me an opportunity to see sharks in ways that few are lucky to experience.  Witnessing their majesty, power, brutality and grace first hand is amazing and rare.  T.V. documentaries will no longer be the same."

Cheryl Kelterborn
White Shark Expedition 2000 participant

These electrifying Expeditions are rare opportunities to join an international team of shark researchers to learn about the biology an behavior of legendary Great White Shark as well as to participate in an on-going study of this mysterious creature in the wild.  

Join shark behavioral ecologist Rick Martin, Director of the ReefQuest Shark Research Program, and White Shark researcher Alessandro De Maddalena, curator of the Italian White Shark Data Bank, for a series of informal, slide-illustrated talks, each followed by a question-and-answer session.  These talks will be given on alternate evenings in the comfort of a  spacious indoor lounge. Topics covered include:

Evolution, Form and Function of the White Shark
White Shark Predatory Behavior
Social Behavior of White Sharks
White Shark Attacks:  Puzzles and Patterns
Ecology, Study and Conservation of the White Shark

Field research will focus on White Shark learning, feeding, and social behavior and be accomplished during 10 days of topside and underwater observation.  Led by Rick Martin and local White Shark research pioneers African Shark Eco Charters, six lucky applicants will be selected to assist in conducting and documenting experiments designed to reveal aspects of the mental processes, predatory strategies, and social hierarchy of one of our planet's most feared and least understood creatures.

What Kind of People Are Needed?

These Expeditions are open to anyone interested in observing White Sharks in the wild and learning more about their biology and behavior.  The Great White is a complex enigma.  Thus, diversity of background and experience among Expedition participants will enhance our research efforts.

We do not require that participants are certified scuba divers (except those hoping to dive in the shark cage), but strongly prefer individuals who are physically fit, work well under pressure and collaborate well with others composing our team.  Skills that would prove especially helpful to our research efforts include:  nature or sports photography and/or videography (topside and/or underwater), experience working with or around animals (wild or domestic), experience designing and conducting research of any kind (including scientific or business), and writing or broadcast journalism.

What's Included?

Based in beautiful Simon's Town, South Africa - a safe, charming little community, rich in nautical history, located some 22 miles (35 kilometres) south of Cape Town - our team will enjoy an incredible 10-day experience with the White Sharks of False Bay.

Package price includes:  airport pick-up and drop-off, 11 nights' accommodations, all breakfasts and on-board lunches, 10 days of White Shark observation from cage and the deck of our research vessel, travel to and from our research site off Seal Island, dive tank and weight rental, and unlimited access to Expedition biologists and naturalists.  Does NOT include airfare.

Expedition Details 

  • Limited to 6 participants per Expedition
  • Expedition 1:  June 2002 (dates not yet set)
  • Expedition 2:  July 2002 (dates not yet set)

Package Price

  • US$2745 (NOTE:  this is the final price for 2002; as forewarned, we have found it necessary to increase our 2001 price by 10%, to allow for the volatility of the Rand [in truth, our price increase is not proportional to our operator's price increase of 33%])


  • Downpayment  of  US$1250 must be received by ReefQuest Expeditions no later than 31 December 2001. 
  • Balance (US$1495) is due by 30 April 2002
  • cancellations before 30 April are fully refundable, if we are able to fill your spot; otherwise, cancellations are subject to forfeiture of the downpayment
  • We reserve the right to cancel the Expedition if we are unable to maintain the minimum required number of qualified participants.

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