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Shark Expeditions

Learning is fun!  It's a dreadful shame that 'education' often sucks canal water.

From Day 1, the ReefQuest Philosophy has always been, "The most enjoyable and powerful way to learn is through doing."  All our programs feature a strong hands-on component, providing opportunities for each of our participants to try first-hand what many have dreamed yet few ever have opportunity to do.  Because so much of our work takes place in the field, out on the ocean, it is necessary to maintain a sense of humor about unforeseen challenges and to adapt our plan as we go.  Both Anne and I take very seriously the 'tour guide' part of our jobs and we are available to answer your questions and concerns 24-hours a day.  We have been incredibly fortunate that our clients have shared our sense of fun and excitement in learning new things and are always willing to work with us toward making our Expeditions as successful as possible -- no matter what the ocean serves up.  As is so often the case, apparent problems  turn out to be opportunities in disguise, making each one of our Expeditions as unique as the individuals who join us on our adventures.  ReefQuest's heuristic approach requires an awful lot of work on our part, but we firmly believe that the educational and experiential results are well worth it.

ReefQuest offers two basic types of Shark Expedition:

  • Research: in which the primary focus is on working together to collect data as part of an on-going research project.  The ultimate end-goal of all research projects is to produce a scientific paper for publication in the peer-reviewed literature.  Participants for Research Expeditions are screened very carefully and not everyone who applies is accepted, but anyone with a positive attitude, a willingness to work as part of a team, and having skills that will contribute toward a given Expedition's objectives will always be welcome.

  • Education: in which the primary focus is to provide as broad and comprehensive an understanding of a given field of marine biology as possible within the constraints of time and place available.  Very often, if Expedition participants are amenable assisting us, some research work is done during our educational programs, but providing our clients with the richest possible learning adventure remains our primary goal.  Our Education Expeditions are open to virtually any interested person.

To learn more about our current offering of Shark Research and Education programs, click the appropriate link below:

Research:  Pelagic Thresher Sharks, Philippines, May 2002

Education: Great White Sharks, South Africa, July and August 2002


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