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Featured Profile: Alpha Doggy PlayCare

Based in Knoxfield, Melbourne, Alpha Doggy PlayCare has specialized in catering for dogs and puppies of different sizes, temperaments and shapes. The company was cofounded by George Visentin and Greg Fontana after they decide to leave their dog training business. The duo have not only adapted but also evolved in their way of doing things. Right from the start, they began offering detailed and extensive dog training courses and educating passionate individuals on how to train different breeds of dogs.

Who needs Alpha Doggy Play Care services?

Alpha Doggy PlayCare was created to take care of different dog owner’s needs. If you have pet with any of the following issues, do not look beyond Alpha Doggy PlayCare.

  • Easily gets bored or requires someone that she can play with
  • Your dog loves company as well as attention
  • Your pet keeps escaping from your house / yard
  • Digs and chews things every now and then
  • barks unnecessarily
  • Requires a cool environment during hot days
  • Your pet needs to be quiet after visiting a vet
  • Requires medication or feeding at specific times of the day
  • Needs extra training


The dog care offers a wide range of services at affordable rates that you are not likely to find elsewhere in Australia. Some of their services include but not limited to the following

  • Dog grooming- The dog care has specialized in offering a basic puppy and dog training services that range from simple nail trim to complex tasks such as clipping of the coat. Once you bring over your dog for training, you will be impressed at that time you will come to pick her.
  • Dog wash- cleaning your pet can be one of the most daunting tasks especially when you are a beginner. Instead of wasting time, it is high time you considered the dog wash services from Alpha Doggy PlayCare. If you prefer cleaning your pet, then you can buy hydrobath.
  • Puppy play, socialisation & training- socialization is very important for dogs aged between 8 and16. Play and socialization develops the personality and traits of your pet.
  • Dog training: obedience and manners- in the process of supervising your pet as she plays, the trainers from this company will intervene any time she needs to be reminded. In addition, if you need someone to work on the behavior of your pet, this service was created for people like you.
  • Alpha doggy shop- The dog shop has different things you can buy to facilitate your dog training. Some of the things you will get in the shop include training equipment, bowls, bed, flea control, worming and treat products,

For More info contact Alpha Doggy Playcare Here: http://alphadoggyplaycare.com.au/contact-us