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Featured Profile: JKB Property Inspections

Buying or selling a home is a big decision to make, and before you can do either, there are cautions that you must take into consideration. Any potential homeowner thinking of purchasing a new home must first confirm or find out if the property in question is in the right condition. At JKB Property Inspection we understand all these, and we deal in Building Inspections. It is our responsibility to inspect buildings for you before you can buy or sell them, hence we give you the confidence needed to make the right decision as far as home buying or selling is concerned. In this Business Profile of JKB Property Inspections, you get to learn more about us.

At JKB, you are provided with an easy-to-read comprehensive report on the prospective property. The report includes the only 5 Star Condition Rating’ in Australia, which gives to you a greater understanding of the real state and condition of the property. Our aim is to give you a peace of mind when you are in a situation where you want to purchase a building or a home. There are many features and benefits of JKB that separates it from other property inspectors and some of them are mentioned below.

JKB Property Inspection boasts fast response and turnaround time. This means that we will come to your help as soon as you contact us. We are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained experts. This has greatly enhanced our effectiveness and efficiency. We are very aware of our duty and responsibility to maintain constant communication with you throughout the entire property inspection process. Our reports are evidently clear and therefore easy to understand. These reports are completed on the same day. We often provide full verbal debrief right after the inspection.

JBK Property Inspection also provide free Building consultancy for you until settlement. We have full Professional Indemnity Insurance, therefore your property is safe with us all the time. We also offer pre purchase inspections, pre-auction inspections, pre-sale inspection, asbestos audits, tax depreciation schedules, handover/pre-handover inspections, and new home/renovation stage inspections. Whether you are buying or selling property for the first time, or you have been through the process before, our inspection will free you of any worries.

We offer three inspection packages from which you can select your preference, starting from 350 dollars. The packages include;

  • Basic inspection
  • Standard inspection
  • Premium inspection

Basic inspection includes complete structural inspection and includes inspection of visible foundations, floor wall, roof framing and ceiling. Standard inspection includes full written report, and all structural components, and claddings are checked.

For more info contact JKB Property Inspections here: http://jkbpropertyinspections.com.au/contact-us/