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Shark Classification


Molecular Systematics

Galea vs Squalea

Galea - Galeomorph Sharks

Heterodontiformes - Bullhead Sharks

Orectolobiformes - Carpet Sharks

Lamniformes - Mackerel Sharks

Mitsukurinidae - Goblin Shark

Mitsukurina owstoni - Goblin Shark

Goblin Shark (Mitsukurina owstoni) Specimens in the Scientific Literature

Carchariidae - Sandtiger Shark

Carcharias taurus Sandtiger Shark

Odontaspididae - Ragged-Tooth Sharks

Odontaspis ferox - Bumpytail Ragged-Tooth Shark

Odontaspis noronhai - Bigeye Ragged-Tooth Shark

Alopiidae - Thresher Sharks

Alopias vulpinus - Common Thresher

Alopias pelagicus - Pelagic Thresher

Alopias superciliosus - Bigeye Thresher

Megachasmidae - Megamouth Shark

Megachasma pelagios - Megamouth Shark

Pseudocarchariidae - Crocodile Shark

Pseudocarcharias kamoharai - Crocodile Shark

Cetorhinidae - Basking Shark

Cetorhinus maximus - Basking Shark

Lamnidae - Mackerel Sharks

Lamna ditropis - Salmon Shark

Lamna nasus - Porbeagle

Carcharodon carcharias - White Shark

Isurus oxyrinchus - Shortfin Mako

Isurus paucus - Longfin Mako

Patterns in Lamnoid Evolution

Carcharhiniformes - Ground Sharks

Carcharhinidae - Whaler Sharks

Sphyrnidae - Hammerhead Sharks

Scyliorhinidae - Cat Sharks

Dogfish or Catshark?

Proscylliidae & Pseudotriakidae - Finback & False Catsharks

Triakidae & Galeorhinidae - Smoothhound Sharks

Squalea - Squaleomorph Sharks

Chlamydoselachiformes - Frilled Shark

Hexanchiformes - Cow Sharks

Echinorhiniformes - Bramble Sharks

Squaliformes - Dogfish Sharks

Dogfish or Catshark?

Squatiniformes - Angel Sharks

Pristiophoriformes - Sawsharks


Bully for Batoids!

Pristiformes - Sawfishes

Rhiniformes - Sharkfin Guitarfish

Rhynchobatiformes - Shovelnose Guitarfishes

Torpediniformes - Electric Ray

Rajiformes - Skates

Skate or Ray?

Myliobatiformes - Stingrays


Topics in Shark Biology


40 Winks Under the Sea

How Do Sharks Swim When Asleep?

Agonistic Display in the Grey Reef Shark

A Curious Basker

Catch as Catch Can

And in This Corner . . .

Why Do Sharks Strand?

Do Satellite Tags 'Jam' a Shark's Ampullae of Lorenzini?

Do Sharks Make Sounds?

Sharks as Predators of Humans

Why Do Sharks Expose Their Dorsal Fins?


Sympathy for the Devil

JAWS Reconsidered

Could megalodon Still Live?

Distribution & Ecology

Shark Ecomorphotypes

Through a Glass, Darkly


Bully for Batoids!

Building a Better Mouth Trap

If I had a Hammer

Origin and Evolution of the "Hammer"

In Search of the Golden Hammerhead

Patterns in Lamnoid Evolution

Arctic Sharks?

Life History

Intrauterine Cannibalism in Sharks

Biology of the Manta Ray

From Here to Maternity

Port Jackson Egg Placement

One Basket or Many?

Sandtiger: the State of Ignorance

Why are Filter Feeding Elasmobranchs So Big?

Batoid Size and Sexual Maturity

Have Ecosystem, Will Travel

Stingray City Limits

Tooth of the Tiger

Why Do Sharks Have 2 Penises?

Name Games

Grey Nurse vs Sandtiger

Recent Changes in Hammerhead Taxonomy

Origin of the Name "Nurse" Shark?

The Value of Scientific Names

Tangled Taxonomic History of the Sandtiger


Albinism in Sharks

Biological Batteries

Cold Fire in the Sea

Fire in the Belly of the Beast

More on Warm-Bodied Sharks

Putting the Bite on Cancer

Wound Healing in Sharks

Why do Most Sharks Live in Salt Water?

The Importance of Being Cartilaginous

Without Bones, How Do Sharks Make Red Blood Cells?


A Matter of Scale

Big Fish Stories

The Power of Shark Bites

Haulin' Bass

What is the Smallest Species of Shark?

What is the Largest Shark Ever Caught?

Rick's Research

Making a Shark Documentary

Swimming with Jurassic Shark

Diving in the Company of Sharks

Biology of the Bluntnose Sixgill

Sensory Biology

Living Loadstones

The Nose Knows



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